Our House Blends

American Gothic

All the char and robust earthiness of a classic French roast, but with a pleasing light finish that calls you back for more. Serve it black or with hot milk, accompanied by crusty bread and jam, for a traditional continental breakfast.

Giant of the Earth

A rich Italian roast in the Milanese style — sweet, mellow, full-bodied — this is a coffee to hold conversations over, or to serve while conducting business. With heavy cream and raw sugar, this is an excellent dessert accent.

St. Louis Blues

Scents of mountain blackberries, acorn and pinecones combine in this light breakfast blend that reminds us of the great outdoors. Take along a thermos full on your next fishing trip, or, better yet, sleep in late, take a mug with you to bed, and read the Sunday travel section.

Mystery Espresso Blend

Like all things European, there are at least two schools of thought. … Our espresso is from the old school — roasted a bit darker to bring out the flavorful oils; blended for balance, aroma, and body. Notes of caramel, chocolate and a citrus-like tang make this blend perfect for lattes and mochas, or of course by itself as a high-octane pick-me-up.


  • Java House Blend

  • Sumatra

  • Nicaragua

  • Ethiopia

Conversation Brews

  • Peru

  • El Salvador

  • Kenya

Our Flavored Coffees

Flavored coffees at the Java House are seasonal and carried on a rotational basis, so please ask your barista about the availability of your favorite flavor.

  • Hazelnut (available decaf)

  • Icing on the Cake (available decaf)

  • Butterscotch Toffee

  • Chocolate Mousse

  • Irish Whiskey & Cream

  • Vanilla Taffy

  • Autumn Spice (available seasonally)

Candy Cane (available seasonally)

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