Our House Blends

American Gothic $7.00/half pound

All the char and robust earthiness of a classic French roast, but with a pleasing light finish that calls you back for more. Serve it black or with hot milk, accompanied by crusty bread and jam, for a traditional continental breakfast.

Giant of the Earth $7.00/half pound

A rich Italian roast in the Milanese style — sweet, mellow, full-bodied — this is a coffee to hold conversations over, or to serve while conducting business. With heavy cream and raw sugar, this is an excellent dessert accent.

St. Louis Blues $7.00/half pound

Scents of mountain blackberries, acorn and pinecones combine in this light breakfast blend that reminds us of the great outdoors. Take along a thermos full on your next fishing trip, or, better yet, sleep in late, take a mug with you to bed, and read the Sunday travel section.

Red Door Espresso Blend $7.00/half pound

Like all things European, there are at least two schools of thought. … Our espresso is from the old school — roasted a bit darker to bring out the flavorful oils; blended for balance, aroma, and body. Notes of caramel, chocolate and a citrus-like tang make this blend perfect for lattes and mochas, or of course by itself as a high-octane pick-me-up.

*All of our Bulk Coffee can be purchased, ground to your specifications at our Downtown, First Ave & Mormon Trek locations. 

Organic BREWS

  • Java House Blend $8.75/half pound

  • Sumatra $8.50/half pound

  • Guatemala $8.50/half pound

  • Ethiopia  $9.50/half pound

Conversation Brews

  • Kenya $10.50/half pound

  • Costa Rica $10.50/half pound


      Red Door Espresso Blend $7.00/half pound

      JH Espresso Decaf Blend $8.50/half pound

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