UIHC Charge Information

Arranged below are some of the most frequently asked questions our staff has received regarding charges to UIHC accounts. Please look over them to see if any of the information addresses your concerns.

Requests for details of charges
Java and Vol. Services locations only receive card updates at 8 pm each evening. This is often the case with a new or re-activated ID card.

Why does my card not work? Will you activate my card?
We can’t activate - that is only done by Healthcare Info systems/Badge Office Info.

I did not go to Java on 18th of the month and buy a large amount-explain?
Charges are accrued from the 16th of month through midnight on the 15th of next month. The “batch” sent to payroll and A/R only has the date sent and total due for the time period not individual dates of transaction.

Why did I get a U bill?
A U bill is sent when credit is not available by payroll deduct - such as part time employees. The timing for U bill is often much later than actual charge.

If your question was not answeredyou may reach us at cards@thejavahouse.com.

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